| studioHuB architects ltd.
studioHuB architects provides architectural design services including master planning + urban design, interior design, wayfinding + signage and project + construction contract management.
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studioHuB architects ltd.

We are excited to announce our new firm name and website,

studioHuB architects Ltd.

This site represents our current body of work as well as our predecessor firm Studio Bjornson Architects.

Our name represents the initials of our surnames (‘H’ for Hoek, and ‘B’ for Bjornson), but more importantly, it represents the fact that no matter how small or large, simple or complex the project, our designs often incorporate a heart or ‘hub’: whether it be a large multipurpose space in a school, or a communal bar seating in a residence, these are the spaces where people come together, to socialize, to see and be seen, to share a meal, or collaborate on a project.

We started this studio to allow ourselves to get back to the basics: to liaise directly with our clients, to build a strong project team with in-depth functional and technical knowledge, to bring our dogs to work, and most importantly, to enjoy the process.

Stop by our studio to have a coffee, pet a dog, or to discuss your project ideas!

studioHuB team