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Volume House

Kelowna, BC


Located in a Heritage conservation area, the design intent of the renovation and addition is to respect and draw inspiration from the existing Mid-Century modern form as well as to add a contemporary second floor which complements the neighbourhood fabric, form and character.


Although not a registered heritage home, the design rationale for the renovation and addition is to incorporate existing form and material palette of the house and to develop a thoughtful addition. The street pattern of wood frame, vertical wood siding, stucco and circular steel columns of Mid-Century Modern homes has been adopted into the proposed architectural form and complements the existing house.  A cantilevered second floor volume defines a new north-west courtyard, enhancing the indoor-outdoor relationship and outdoor living.


The project aspires to retain as much of the existing character, while upgrading the energy performance and adding a secondary suite to the expanded principal dwelling. The foundations and ground floor will be retained and the previously filled in carport will be removed.


Type: Residential

Scope: Renovation / Addition

Size: 3,400 SF

Status: Ongoing