| SD36 LRFP
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Surrey, BC


“Both Ms. van Hoek and Ms. Bjornson provided invaluable counsel and direction in the creation of the plans. Their firm skillfully designed the layout of the reports, which highlighted the essence of our needs and advocacy in an easy and approachable way… It was a genuine pleasure working with [studioHuB architects] and I would work with the team again without hesitation.”


– Kelly Isford-Saxon, Manager, Demographics & Facilities Planning
School District No. 36 (Surrey)


studioHuB architects co-authored a  200-page report with the District that focuses on providing new enrolling space in a District that experiences significant and complex growth annually.  Preparing the LRFP included interviewing district staff; gathering, absorbing and organizing information from many sources on how our District operates; and professionally laying out the final report which included text, graphs, tables and graphics.


Type: Long Range Facilities Plan

Scope: Stakeholder meetings, documentation and community engagement

Client: School District No. 36 (Surrey)

Status: Completed 2019