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Modern learning initiative laboratory

To be completed in 2018


Lower Mainland, Vancouver


7000 SF



New curriculum and changes to education pedagogy challenge the traditional classroom environment and are demanding more flexible and innovative spaces where learning and socializing occurs beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. New schools are being designed with pods, large moving walls and interior glazing. But what if you are in an existing school that consists of typical hallways with rooms on both sides? How can a typical classroom wing be converted into a ‘Learning Ecosystem’?

studioHuB is working with the school district to re-imagine this typical classroom wing in a cost-effective way that retains “traditional” classrooms but also creates environments which support play, arts, group work, and quiet time. The design is flexible and adaptable and can change to suit the needs of the school district.

The renovations will consider cost effective solutions to demolition partitions and replace with a modular system, which will allow for varying degrees of openness and interaction, with the focus on generating a new collaboration spine between existing classrooms.