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studioHuB architects provides architectural design services including master planning + urban design, interior design, wayfinding + signage and project + construction contract management.
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At studioHuB, we believe in design solutions that are [fun]ctional & socially responsible.

Our Approach

Our shared belief in listening, dialogue, and engagement is core to our studio design process.  Our approach to design is with a focus on the human experience, and in creating thoughtful environments for the community.  We maintain a consistent team and design lead throughout the project, something we believe is a critical success factor in delivering a coordinated project, on time and on budget.


Integrated Design

We focus on collaboration and communication between all those engaged in the idea, planning, design, use, construction, operation and maintenance of the building or environment.  Our studio environment blurs the line between art, industrial design, and design-build.  We have an active artist studio and wood shop, and our team draws from a deep background in fine arts, architecture, film, wood working and construction.



Environmental sustainability is part of our studio’s DNA.  We do not apply “sustainability” to a project, it is integral to our designs.  From site selection, building orientation, innovative wood structural systems to geothermal systems, these sustainable solutions are all part of our design vocabulary.



Social Responsbility

At studioHuB, we take seriously our social responsibility to the profession and to the public. To this end, the principals of studioHuB volunteer their time in several ways: AIBC mentorship and oral reviews, Advisory Design Panel members, thesis advisors, guest lecturers.

Our Process

1. Understand

We listen first. We want to hear from you; what you want, need and then we ask questions.

As every project is unique, we believe a clear understanding of project scope, goals, budget and schedule is key to a project’s success. We listen to your needs and translate these needs and challenges into an architectural solution. From experience, we understand that asking the right questions at the right time can be critical to a successful project.

2. Collaborate

We believe good design results from collaboration during all stages of the design process.

As architects and designers, we can and should not assume to have all the solutions. As studioHuB, we engage with owners, staff, end users, communities and sub-consultants, to understand and incorporate their perspectives. Working closely all those engaged in the idea, planning, design, use, construction, operation and maintenance of the building or environment.

3. Iterate

We strive to arrive at a clarity and honesty in our designs.

Each project starts with an office wide charette to imagine, discover and evaluate design opportunities and how to best optimize project potentials. Through an iterative design process, we design, develop and produce full drawing packages for our clients, municipalities and contractors.

4. Implement

Successful projects start with a clear work plan and schedule, which helps to focus each phase of the design and construction of the project.

We have extensive experience in leading new builds, tenant improvements, renovations and seismic upgrades. As the prime consultant on the project, we at studioHuB, are proactive in identifying risks, leading the team through the project, budget and schedule control, site and contract administration.

5. Reflect

A key aspect of studioHuB's process is to learn from past projects, and to engage past clients and leaders in the industry in what we term 'lessons learned'.

While strategies and design philosophies such as 21st Century Learning Principles can integrate with the newest practices, we approach each project as unique and seek outcomes which work best for the client. Not all design ideas are a good fit for the client and end user. We actively seek feedback from the end user so as to improve on our designs.

Why Us

We create built environments.  We are recognized for our collaborative project approach, are hands on in problem solving, and have long standing and strong working relationships with local consultants.  We are firm believers in hand sketching and explorations through physical models, for which we have a full workshop in our studio.

New Construction

As registered architects and interior designers, we are committed to, and honoured, to design spaces which shape our cities and communities.  We have been designing new buildings since 1976 and continue to pursue clients and projects which have a positive impact on the social and environmental landscape.


Renovating existing facilities often have unique challenges such as older infrastructure, unforeseen conditions, hazardous materials, and construction and building materials and installations which do not conform to current codes.


Over the past 20 years, we have extensive experience in renovations and have developed a matrix of questions and condition reports to minimize renovation risks and optimize design opportunities.

Tenant Improvements

With numerous TI improvements completed as prime consultant leading a team of contractors, we work closely with our clients through the design and construction process to create functional and engaging facilities.  Our team of interior designers and architects have expertise in material finish and furniture selection, code review and space planning.

Seismic Upgrades

Many of our renovation projects have required seismic upgrade in one form or another.  Whether it is HVAC and plumbing, speciality items or base building upgrades, our team has experience in retrofitting and upgrading your facility to create safe environments for the end user.

Pre-fabricated Modular Construction

Pre-fabricated modular construction is leading the way in building efficiencies and cost savings, providing buildings to remote areas as well as providing solutions for short term teaching spaces.  StudioHub has become leaders in innovate modular classrooms and daycare design.  We work closely with the fabricator, collaborating on design details and creating classrooms in demand by both student and teacher.

Facility Assessments

Communities need safe places to learn, work and play.  As populations grow and change and buildings age, facility assessments become a key tool for communities to maintain, update and build new.  Our team has experience in preparing and co-ordinating core consultants in the review and preparation of facility assessments.

Public Consultation

Core to our firm philosophy is open dialogue and consultation.  Our team has extensive experience in consultation:  from school boards, to neighbourhood community engagement, student engagement, teacher workshops, sustainability workshops and public/private partnerships such as Neighbourhood of Learning Centres.

Long Range Facilities Planning (LRFP)

StudioHub Architects has experience and expertise in programming, needs assessment, facility planning, utilization and population growth analysis and space and building optimization.  We have delivered LRFP to municipal governments and school districts across British Columbia.

Feasibility Studies & Programming

StudioHub architects offers planning expertise which can assist our clients in preparing a business case, to land acquisition, by supporting our clients with feasibility studies, program test fits to performance guidelines and technical specifications.

Meet the Team

We are an architectural studio led by three Partners whose expertise spans multiple sectors and disciplines:


1976: Michael Bjornson founded the studio

2015: Sarah Bjornson joined to establish Studio Bjornson Architects

2017: Annerieke van Hoek joined and co-found studioHuB architects Ltd

Sarah Bjornson

Architect AIBC, M.Arch, Bachelor of Environmental Design, Bachelor of Arts


Sarah’s strength is her creative design sensibility, her expert technical knowledge and her ability to co-ordinate effective consultant teams while delivering projects on time and budget.  With over 18 years of experience, Sarah worked at Bing Thom Architects and DIALOG (formerly HBBH), leading several large-scale projects.


 She is currently the BC Chapter Governor of The Association for Learning Environments (A4LE).

Annerieke van Hoek



Prior to co-founding studioHuB architects, she worked for Grant + Sinclair Architects, and was an associate at HCMA Architecture + Design.  Annerieke is an exceptional listener with a deep passion for educational design. She has valuable experience in the design and construction of educational spaces, from complicated renovations to coordinating large design-build teams, from competition through to design and construction. 


She is a current member of the West Vancouver Design Review Committee, and volunteers her time as an oral reviewer and mentor with the AIBC.

Michael Bjornson

Architect AIBC, B.Arch, Bachelor of Arts, Diploma FA


With a background in architecture, art and film, Michael brings over 40 years of experience to every project, along with his passion and creativity. In the studio, he oversees quality control and provides project peer reviews, while contributing to various aspects of the design process.  His work in production design for film was awarded a Leo and Golden Sheaf Film Award.


Michael has been an active mentor to AIBC interns, as a instructor, thesis advisor and mentor to students in architecture and film at UBC, Langara College and Emily Carr.

Louis Rodriguez

Intern Architect AIBC, M.Arch, Bachelor of Environmental Design (Interior Design)


Louis completed an undergrad degree in Interior Design and a Master of Architecture, providing him with an deep understanding of design.  He believes and endeavours to create spaces which speak to the social, cultural and physical contexts of each project.


Prior to studioHuB, Louis has worked at David Nairne + Associates (DNA) and Lamroueux Architect Inc.  Currently, Louis teaches AutoCAD at LaSalle College and is an active member of the LGBTQ community.

Lev Shtyn

M.Arch, Bachelor of Arts


Lev completed an undergrad degree in Art History from the University of British Columbia, a Master of Architecture from Politecnico di Milano and an Associate Certificate from BCIT.


Lev gained design experience working in Germany and Switzerland in graphic, interactive design and architecture.  Prior to joining studioHuB, he has worked at Lamoureux Architect Inc.  Lev is a Jiu Jitsu coach and he is an ultra-marathon competitor.

Jessyca Fan

M.Arch, Bachelor of Environmental Design (Interior Design)

With a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Master in Architecture, Jessyca believes that good design should engage the user at all scales.  Prior to studioHuB, Jessyca worked as a designer at Bricault Design with a focus on wayfinding & graphics, product design, exhibition design, and interior design.


Jessyca has a passion for education having teaching experience at UBC SALA and LaSalle College.

Abhinav Sunil

Intern Architect AIBC, M.Arch, Bachelor of Architecture


Abhinav completed a Bachelor of Architecture from India and a Master of Architecture from the University of Calgary. Abhinav believes that cities in transformation provide ample opportunities and knowledge resources for learning experiences on architectural innovations in livability and sustainability.


Prior to joining studioHuB architects, Abhinav has worked with IBI Group and RHA Architects.  He enjoys being in nature believing that man’s habitat should be synergistic with the forces of nature.


The Calm One


Bailey enjoys the small things in life.


The Energetic One


Nero has a passion for shoelaces.

“During the planning stage of the project, Sarah was an invaluable team member.  She understood the importance of working as a team and demonstrated excellent listening skills, professionalism, and flexibility.  Her creative skills and understanding of how to blend functionality and aesthetics contributed to an overall plan that is outstanding in both aspects.”

– Corinne McCabe, Superintendent of Schools
Chilliwack School District

Our Philosophy

We are a full service architectural practice based in Vancouver, BC.  We believe that clear, functional design can have a positive impact on the social and environmental landscape, and that simple and thoughtful designs can be both creative and innovative. 


We are extremely passionate about our work, and bring personalized service to each project regardless of scale and complexity.

Our Services

We create built environments. We are innovators and we apply our skills to a wide array of projects, small and large. Over the years, we have designed numerous houses, educational and institutional, office spaces, restaurants, and art galleries. In addition, we have experience in functional and strategic planning.

Our Clients

A few of our current clients we are collaborating with:


West Vancouver Schools
Coquitlam School District
Squamish Forestry Society

University of British Columbia

Sea to Sky Community Services

School District 48

Vancouver School Board 39

Surrey School District 36

District of Squamish

City of Abbotsford


Evans Lake Forest Education Society